The Top 5 Best Rowing Apps

The Top 5 Best Rowing Apps

The Best Rowing Apps

The most dedicated rowers will take advantage of any opportunity to get faster. In the digital age, athletes can find this competitive edge on the screens of their smartphones. With these apps, rowers can train, compete and analyze their rowing more effectively. Here are some of the best rowing apps we’ve found:

1. Row Keeper ($2.99 in the App Store)

Topping our list of the best rowing apps out there is Row Keeper. Row Keeper allows rowers to keep track of their erg workouts. The app offers a clean, intuitive user interface, including a calendar and graphs which help to analyze distance, time and split. Religiously logging erg workouts keeps athletes accountable to their training and helps to identify areas for improvement.

Best Rowing Apps: Row Keeper

2. Rowing! (Free)

Rowing! is a speed coach app. The app tracks boat speed and allows coxswains to broadcast information about their row to a coach or other coxswains. Rowing! makes it easier for coaches to make boat lineup decisions and adds an element of intra-squad competition to every practice.

Best Rowing Apps: Rowing!

3. Rowing in Motion (Free)

Rowing in Motion is an app that collects comprehensive data about your row, including boat acceleration, stroke rate and speed. That information helps coaches fine-tune rowing technique and identify problem areas in the stroke.

Best Rowing Apps: Rowing in Motion

4. Rigging for Rowing ($1.99 in the App Store)

Every top-flight racing team must ensure its equipment is in proper order. This includes making sure the boat is rigged properly and carefully calibrated to each oarsman. Rigging for Rowing provides a wealth of information about oar length, oarlock pitch, footstretcher placement and other crucial rigging advice.

Best Rowing Apps: Rigging for Rowing

5. Rowing Result (Free)

This app gives competitors easy access to race results, presented in an elegant, standardized format. Eliminate the hassle of sifting through row2k results and download this free app.

Best Rowing Apps: Rowing Result

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