I have ridden my bike far into the hills of China and Japan. I’ve stumbled across forgotten pagodas and temples, rivers banked with bursting cherry trees and along dark highways showered with spectacular impromptu fireworks. I’ve ran the electric streets of Nagoya, hiked the dusty Southern California mountains and had more adventures than I can remember. But I did them all alone. I had nobody to share the awe of a towering pagoda, the joy of riding up over the hill to find fireworks in the night sky, the adrenaline of running through a sea of neon. I wanted to look next to me and see my feelings mirrored, to be next to someone living what I was. I wanted to finish exhausted and talk about that amazing thing we saw. And I wondered if I was missing out on other sites and experiences because I didn’t know to look. What if I’d done all these things with a local who loved cycling and running and hiking as much I do and who knew where to go? Is there anything better than the joy of making new friends and sharing an incredible experience together?


I want that for myself, and I want it for you. We deserve it. Because if we don’t, all our experiences will be tepid. The highs will be deflated and the lows will be sour. And who’s to say we had an adventure at all if nobody is there to share it?


If you climb to the top of the mountain but nobody is there beside you to look down at the valley below, did you really climb it? If you ride that insane wave that curved so perfectly and spit you out so beautifully but nobody is out there with you, did you really ride it? If you run a new PR but you’re catching your breath all by yourself, did you really run it?


Of course you did, and you should be happy and proud. But don’t these experiences mean so much more when you have someone to celebrate with? And when we don’t succeed, aren’t our failures so much easier to overcome when we have someone to try, try again with?


Absolutely, there are times when it’s amazing to be alone, to have that mountaintop or those ocean swells or that cross-country trail all to yourself. And as wonderful as those experiences are, they don’t make memories that last forever. Only the act of sharing those experiences and moments create lasting memories. Think how much richer they would be if they were shared, if there was someone extending a hand to help you up to that last step up the mountain; if there was someone paddling out next to you to greet the dawn; if there was someone nipping at your heels, pushing you to go just a few seconds faster to beat your time.


The best adventures in life are shared. Sometimes we win and sometimes we lose, but when we have someone to share it with, it’s an adventure every time.


-Matt Doran, Founder & CEO


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