Family Vacations & the Athletic Parent

Family Vacations & the Athletic Parent

Family Vacation. Sometimes, for some parents, that can seem like a contradiction in terms. The incessant Are we there yet?s, the bathroom stops, the stuffed animals forgotten at hotels and the ensuing tantrums to turn around and retrieve it, the excess baggage and that smell wafting from the backseat – the things that made Clark W. Griswold an American film icon.


But despite all that, family vacations are treasured times that create fond memories, for kids and parents. Children feel the joy of exploring someplace new, and parents experience the joy of endless giggles and smiles. Pictures are taken that years later bring those feelings rushing back. A family vacation is a wondrous experience, but it’s still your vacation, your time off work, and it’s important to take some time for yourself. Some Me Time. Some time to do what you want, to do what makes you giggle and smile.


If at home you’re a fisher and you find yourself in Orlando with the family visiting Mickey and the gang, connect with a local fisher who can take you to the best bass spot and has spare gear. If you’re a cyclist at home and you and the family are visiting Grandma in Seattle, connect with a local rider who can lend you her Specialized and show you the best scenic routes among the Evergreens. Connect with locals who can share their gear and an adventure with you and have the rich vacation experience you deserve. Your significant other will understand. The kids won’t even know you’re gone they’re having so much fun. Take a morning. Take an afternoon. Take some time for yourself and do what makes you happy.


Family vacations are life affirming; they make you realize what’s important, and what better time to play the sport you love and experience it someplace new. Start a new tradition on your next family vacation. Pencil in some time for the sport you love, make new friends and make the adventure with your family all the more wonderful.


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