Business Travel for Athletes

Business Travel for Athletes

What do you think of when you hear business travel? Long meetings. Living out of a carryon. Connecting flights. Instant coffee. Hotel rooms with lame pastel paintings. Continental breakfasts. And worst of all: time away from the people and things you love. Unfortunately, we can’t help bring your family with you, but if you’re an athlete, we can help you do what you love while you’re away from home so you don’t have to sacrifice your passion.

Business travel levies considerable stress. You’re taken away from the people you love, the comforts of home and the routine you enjoy and then have to excel as the face of your company. If a morning run or afternoon sail calms you down, do it. Join us. Doing what you love brings you the peace of mind you’ll need to perform at your best. Having fun doing what you love and making friends – those are some pretty sweet perks.

Advntur injects much needed fun into business travel. That meeting that was supposed to last all day got out at three? Connect with a local golfer and shoot a quick nine. The conference doesn’t start until ten? Hit the trail and enjoy a morning hike. You’re only a month away from your next marathon and can’t interrupt your training? Meet up with a local runner and clock your miles with someone who runs at the same pace and can then join you for a good cool down breakfast. Your business trip is in Seattle and you’ve always wanted to ride your bike among the evergreens? Now you can. With Advntur, all of these are possible.

We want you to look forward to business trips. Don’t sacrifice the sport you love. Don’t bother packing your gear or looking for rentals. Don’t worry about finding where to play once you get there. You don’t have to stay in a boring hotel. When the day is over and the meetings are done, you can meet up with your new friends for beers and swap stories. You can stay at a place that feels like home.

Your gear is waiting for you. New friends are waiting for you. Your next adventure is waiting for you.

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