Sports in Our Community

Sports in Our Community

“How come you don’t have x-y-z sport?”


For as long as we’ve been telling people about Advntur, people have asked if we have thus and such sport in our community. Sometimes we do, and sometimes we don’t. We didn’t start with our current group. We started with seven, and after talking to people and listening to what they wanted, we added a couple more, then a couple more, and now we are proud to include twelve sports in our community. And that number is sure to grow.


For the sports we include, we chose them for the connection we feel to them. We do them ourselves. We run, we surf, we hike, we golf – we do it all. We feel knowledgeable about those sports and think we can help those athletes. We live their life; we share their joys and frustrations. We know what a pain it is to bring your bike or surfboard or skis on a plane. We know the importance of keeping up with your triathlon training, eating a good meal the night before a marathon or having a guide take you to the best local hiking spots. Most of all, we know how much more wonderful your travel experiences are when you make a new friend and share an incredible adventure.


For the sports we don’t include, we aren’t saying never, just not now. We don’t know enough about white water rafting or boxing or hockey. We need to learn more before we can expand into new sports. We want to be able to address the concerns of all athletes, so for now we’re sticking with what we know. More sports in the Advntur community are guaranteed, and the faster we grow, the more sports are sure to follow.


If you play a sport our community doesn’t support, tell us how you think Advntur can help athletes like you.


Even if you don’t play one of the sports in our community, we can teach you. Just filter your search results for Instructors, and you’ll find Natives (hosts) ready to teach you how to play. If you’re a Kansas girl and have never surfed before, here’s your chance to go to Hawaii, stay with a local surfer and learn from her expertise, ride the break at the locals-only spots and live the life of a Hawaiian surfer.


You don’t need to be an elite athlete or play a certain sport to be a part of our community. All you need is a sense of adventure.


Matt Doran, Founder & CEO


Check back soon to read about how Advntur is changing the way athletes think about business travel …


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